Who we're looking for

We are looking for a web backend developer proficient in Python language, with experience in designing web services and implementing integrations (REST and - marginally - SOAP).

Job responsibilities

The development and expansion of certain components of our platform for conversational marketing and integrating client systems and messaging services.

Experience and seniority

We prefer developers with previous experience in Python, but we are happy to hear from people proficient in other languages ​​and ecosystems, too - especially those who would like to try something new and are willing to switch to Python.

A real plus, experience-wise, is a good understanding of the FB Messenger API and other messaging services. We would be thrilled to also see some experience with IaaS platforms (Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure) and containerization (Docker, Kubernetes). Since we are a conversational AI company, previous experience in machine learning is highly appreciated as well.

It’s not only about the tech though. We value independence, professionalism, personal integrity, directness, and the ability to lead constructive discussions.

Form and length of employment

We are offering a full-time, long-term contract, but we're open to other options if necessary.

Work policy

We have a very flexible work policy and we're fine with a fully remote cooperation.

Why nettle

We are a happy go lucky team of business and tech colleagues, offering an informal and flexible, yet professional work environment where we believe every team member plays an integral part of our mutual success. If you want to become a part of a team steadily solving practical machine learning challenges, and growing professionally to boot, then Nettle is the place for you.

Our motto is Live to Work to Live. Essentially we believe that doing stuff you like, with people who appreciate and respect you, in a great work environment that encourages professional and personal growth, while getting paid your worth is what work life is all about.

Income offered

Starting at 3300 € per contract, according to seniority and experience.